The ultimate solution for business process automation in K12 education

Introducing SchoolStream, the ultimate solution for business process automation in K12 education. SchoolStream lets you:

Go paperless and save money by turning your forms into digital wonders.

Boost your efficiency and quality by automating your workflows with smart routing and validation.

Gain insights and make informed decisions by visualizing and analyzing your data with interactive dashboards and charts.

Solve problems and improve outcomes using AI and Big Data to train models and perform predictive analysis.

SchoolStream is the smart, secure, scalable, and affordable way to automate and streamline your K12 business processes and unlock the power of data. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your education with SchoolStream. Contact us today to get started! 

Digital Transformation

Transform your paper forms into digital wonders

Save time, money, and trees by converting your paper-based processes into sleek and secure online forms or web pages.

Workflow Automation

Streamline your workflows with smart automation

No more manual approvals, delays, or errors. Let our system handle the routing, tracking, and validation of your forms and web pages with ease and accuracy.

Reporting, visualization and Analysis

Gain insights from your data with powerful reporting

Don’t let your data go to waste. Visualize, analyze, and share your data with interactive dashboards and charts that help you make better decisions.

AI and Big-Data

Leverage AI and Big Data to optimize your operations

Use the data you collect to train AI models and perform predictive analysis that can help you solve problems, improve outcomes, and enhance your performance.


Connect your data with your core systems seamlessly

No more double-entry, inconsistency, or incompatibility. Our product acts as a middleware to integrate and streamline all processed information with your HR, Financial, and SIS systems, reducing data entry burden and costs.


SchoolStream has multiple applications to help your organization save costs and increase efficiency. All of these applications were direct requests from districts, and we have templated many of these applications, so you do not have to “reinvent the wheel”. Every application is also configurable and customizable to match your organization’s specific needs.

Intelligent Forms

Intelligent Forms Application is a ready-to-use, maintenance-free application that suits any districts regardless of their sizes. It comes with a full set of forms, covering 90% of a district’s daily operational needs that can be used immediately. It’s cost-saving and also could operate remotely and securely.

Expense Report

Expense Report is a single application that handles requests for travel, travel claims and daily travel processes. The purpose is to allow a traveler to get preauthorization for expected expenses and give the user the ability to record the actual expenses in the claim.


On/Off-Boarding Application is designed to automate the processing of employees’ on-boarding forms from sending the forms to the employees, verifying and approving the forms, to filing the forms to eliminate the physical copies of all the district’s employee information forms to save filing space, labor and paper cost and to be real time tracking of all forms processing status, no delays and no missing forms.

Hiring Volunteer and Substitute Management

The Hiring Volunteer and Substitute Management Application is the most feature rich hiring solution on the market. It’s designed for your organization to automatically filter and search for the best qualified candidates for hire, substitutes and volunteers. It will make you and your candidates hiring experiences pleasant, efficient, and enjoyable.

Student Registration with Open Enrollment

Student Registration with Open Enrollment Application is designed to help school staff, students and parents during enrollment season with safe online processing, eliminate the paperwork and shorten the registration processing time.

Electronic File Management

The Electronic File Management Application is specially designed for districts to consolidate, organize and manage all SchoolStream electronic forms, non-SchoolStream electronic forms and scanned paper forms in a single place on the internet at any time, reducing and eliminating the physical copies of district forms to save on filling space, labor and paper costs.

SchoolStream Workflow Automation Platform

Best Capability/Price ratio in the K12 Market