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What Services We Offer


SchoolStream provides a variety of training services to ensure that your staff and users feel comfortable in using our platform and applications. Every application includes detailed training videos for every user role and functions. We also provide a variety of other training options to fit the needs of your organization. We provide web-based and on-site training and coaching sessions that are available to ensure that your organization can get the max Return On Investment from SchoolStream.

Process Mapping and Forms Design

With over 15+ years of experience in the education industry, we understand the need for new solutions and automation to help your organization continually save costs and increase efficiency. We have the technology and expertise to build powerful new applications and develop mobile apps (iOS/Android) for you at a cost effective and affordable price. We typically partner with your IT department to work together to save time and costs in product development.

Information Integration

SchoolStream understands the importance of integration, especially between your core IT systems (SIS, Finance, HRIS Systems). The K12 Process Automation Platform (k12PAP) is designed to integrate and co-exist with your IT infrastructure. We provide a variety of different ways to integrate between your systems and custom API/web services to help the data flow seamlessly between your IT systems.

Consulting Services on Change Management and Process Improvement

With many years of experience in K12 organizations, SchoolStream understands the relationship between process improvement and change management. That is why we start with understanding and evaluating your current process and recommend best practices to help you streamline your operations. We also recognize that the implementation of a new process can impact the organization, so proper change management steps to guide your staff and users to make sure they feel comfortable with a new way of doing things. Many of our team members held cabinet level positions at school organizations that are here to help provide consultation and guidance. We also partner with many nationwide associations and other consulting organizations that can provide you the necessary coaching and resources.

SchoolStream Workflow Automation Platform

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