Available Forms List



Form Name

001FinancialDaily Mileage Form
002Human ResourceLeave Time Request
003FinancialPurchase Order Request
004Health and SafetyCertification of Vaccination Form
005Students and ParentsStudent Level Change Request Form
006District Administration OfficeOff-Campus Trip Approval OVERNIGHT or OUT-OF-COUNTY TRIP
007FinancialAthletic Pay Request
008Human ResourceHours Worked Times Request
009Facility and ServiceNetwork Account Application
010Health and SafetyReport of Student, Employee or Visitor Accident or Incident and Injuries Form
011District Administration OfficeVolunteer Agreement Form
012Human ResourceTime Sheet
013Human ResourceEmployee Recommendation Form
014Facility and ServiceFacility Use Permit Form
015FinancialFundraising Plan Application
016Health and SafetyMedical Consent Form
017Human ResourceJob Posting Request
018Facility and ServiceBusiness Invoice for Damage Loss of Technology Form
019GeneralClassroom Assignments
020District Administration OfficeEnd of Semester Failure Report
021District Administration OfficeEnd of Semester Incomplete Form
022Students and ParentsApplication for Student Transfer
023Students and ParentsTranscript Request For Current Students
024Students and ParentsEnrollment Gain or Loss
025GeneralFood Service Receipt Sheet
026Students and ParentsGuided Study Intake Form
027FinancialMonthly School Financial Statement
028District Administration OfficeProfessional Development Sessions
029Facility and ServiceRequest for Transportation Services Form
030District Administration OfficeBusiness Vendor Request Update Form
031Facility and ServiceApplication To Use School Facilities
032Human ResourceChange of Address (or Phone Number) Form
033GeneralConference Request – Non-Instructional Staff
034District Administration OfficeCourse Approval Request
035FinancialField Trip Request Form
036FinancialInservice Invoice
037Facility and ServiceiPad App (and Extension) Form
038Human ResourceLeave Time Request
039Facility and ServiceKeycard Requisition Form
040Human ResourcePayroll Comptime Authorization Form
041Human ResourcePayroll Invoice Form
042Human ResourcePayroll Overtime Authorization Form
043Human ResourcePersonnel Data Sheet
044Human ResourceSalary Adjustment Applications Form
045Facility and ServiceSchoolTool Access Form
046Board of DistrictSuperintendent Hearing Material
047Board of DistrictTech Ed. Requisition
048Facility and ServiceVehicle Request
049Human ResourceAnnual Salaray Notification-End of Year Intent to Return Forms
050Students and ParentsMembership Enrollment Form
051Human ResourcePayflex Enrollment Form
052Students and ParentsHealth and Dental Enrollment Form
053Human ResourceDirect Deposit of Payroll Check
054Human ResourceEmergency Contact Information Form
055Human Resourcefw4 Form
056Human Resourcef_w4 Form
057Human ResourceRetirement Enrollment Form
058Students and ParentsInsurance Benefit Enrollment Form
059Human ResourcePersonnel Action Form
060Students and ParentsOpen Enrollment Qualification form
061FinancialTuition Reimbursement Request Form
062FinancialBudget Transfer Request
063FinancialBusiness Grant Draw-Down Request Form
064FinancialBusiness Budget Change Request
065Health and SafetyMental Health Referral Form
066Human ResourceFaculty Behavior Observation Form
067GeneralSuperintendent Paws for Appreciation Form
068Human ResourceApplication for Professional Personnel Job Vacancy
069Human ResourceApplication for Service Personnel Job Vacancy
070Human ResourcePersonnel Absentee Report
071Human ResourceRequest for Additional Personnel
072Human ResourceContinuing Education for School Service Personnel
073Human ResourcePersonnel Evaluation Form
074Students and ParentsCurriculum Dept. Grade Change Request (Report Card)
075Students and ParentsDHS Guidance Counselor Request Form
076Students and ParentsApex Learning Grade Reporting Form
077Students and ParentsGrade Change Form
078Students and ParentsPupil or Teacher Ratio Form
079Students and ParentsSilver Cord Hours Submittal Form
080Students and ParentsStudent Billing Form
081Students and ParentsStudent Notice of Withdrawal
082Human ResourceMissed Time Punch Report
083Human ResourceOvertime Request Form
084Human ResourceSummer Curriculum Project Proposal Form
085Human ResourceVolunteer Application
086District Administration OfficeEmergency Form
087Students and ParentsReferral form
088FinancialReport on Ticket Sales Form
089Facility and ServiceVideo Surveillance Export Request
090Human ResourceReclassification Questionnaire
091FinancialPay Voucher Vendor
092GeneralCustodial Request Form
093GeneralDonation Form
094GeneralFood and Nutrition Services Catering Request
095Human ResourcePerformance Assessment for Office Employees Form
096Students and ParentsPreK or Kindergarten Home Visit Log
097Students and ParentsHomeless-Foster Care Transportation Request Form
098Facility and ServiceBus Discipline Form
099Facility and ServiceDrill Reporting Form
100Students and ParentsIntent to Graduate Early
101Human ResourceComplaint Form
102Health and SafetyConstruction Site Safety Checklist
103FinancialConstruction Change Order Form
104Facility and ServiceElectrical Inspection Checklist
105Human ResourceEmployee 90-Day Evaluation
106Facility and ServiceEquipment Checkout Form
107Facility and ServiceEquipment Maintenance Log
108Health and SafetyFire Alarm Inspection and Testing Form Record
109Health and SafetyFire Inspection Checklist
110Human ResourceFollow up Survey Form
111Facility and ServiceVehicle Inspection Form
112Health and SafetySafety Analysis
113Facility and ServiceMaintenance Request Form
114Board of DistrictLiability Waiver
115FinancialStop Payment Request
116District Administration OfficeNondisclosure Agreement
117Health and SafetyWorkplace Safety Survey
118GeneralFood Preferences Form
119District Administration OfficeApplication for Ethical Review Form
120District Administration OfficeApplication for Ethical Review Amendment Form
121District Administration OfficeApplication for Ethical Review Renewal Form
122Board of DistrictAward Nomination Form
123Students and ParentsBeginning of the Year Student Questionnaire
124GeneralClassroom Observation Form
125District Administration OfficeCourse Feedback Survey
126District Administration OfficeLanguage Course Evaluation Form
127District Administration OfficeLesson Plan Form
128Students and ParentsStudent Test Template
129GeneralOnline Questionnaire
130Students and ParentsParental Consent Form
131Students and ParentsProspective Student-Athlete Questionnaire
132Students and ParentsScholarship Application
133Students and ParentsSchool Climate Survey
134Students and ParentsStudent Feedback Form
135Students and ParentsSummer Camp Registration Form
136Students and ParentsWork-Study Application Form
137GeneralWorkshop Registration Form
138FinancialCredit Card Authorization
139Health and SafetyConfidential Morbidity Report Form
140GeneralCommunity Service Hours Form
141GeneralHandicap Parking Permit Form
142GeneralPolitical Survey
143GeneralSocial Worker Home Visit Checklist
144Health and SafetyCOVID-19 Pre-Vaccination Checklist
145Health and SafetyCOVID-19 Vaccine Registration Form
146Health and SafetyCOVID-19 Self-Declaration Form
147Health and SafetyDoctor Referral Form
148Health and SafetyGeneral Patient Intake Form
149Health and SafetyHIPAA Medical Release Form
150Health and SafetyHead-to-Toe Physical Examination Form
151Health and SafetyMedical Insurance Application
152Health and SafetyMedical Insurance Verification Form
153Health and SafetyMental Health Assessment Form
154Health and SafetyMental Health Session Therapy Notes Template
155Health and SafetyPatient Satisfaction Survey
156Health and SafetyRefusal to Vaccinate Form
157Health and SafetyTB Screening Form
158Health and SafetyVaccination Record Form
159Health and SafetyVaccine Consent Form
160Health and SafetyVaccine Exemption Form
161Human Resource30-Day Employee Review
162Human ResourceBackground Check Authorization Form
163District Administration OfficeDepartment Performance Survey
164Human ResourceEmployee Pay Increase Form
165Human ResourceEmployee Performance Evaluation Form
166Human ResourceEmployee Transfer Request Form
167Human ResourceInterview Evaluation Form
168Human ResourceJob Application Form
169District Administration OfficeTraining Evaluation Form
170Facility and ServiceIT Asset Form
171Students and ParentsParent Feedback Form for School
172Students and ParentsStudent Photo Release Form
173Students and ParentsVocabulary Quiz Template
174Students and ParentsContest Entry Form
175District Administration OfficeEvent Evaluation Form
176GeneralWebinar Registration Form
177GeneralSponsorship Request Form
178District Administration OfficeService Agreement
179Health and SafetyMental Health Services Referral Form
180Human ResourceApplication for Extracurricular Job Vacancy
181Human ResourceTranslator and Interpreter Services Request Form
182Human ResourceApplication for Professional Employment
183Human ResourceTime Distribution Record
184Human ResourceSocial Worker Referral Form
185Facility and ServiceStudent Device Check-Out Form
186Facility and ServiceBadge Access Control Form
187Human ResourceRequest for Professional Leave Certified
188Human ResourceTeacher Extra Pay Authorized by Principal Supt Dept. Head
189Human ResourceSubstitute Teacher Time Sheet
190Human ResourceChange of Personal Information
191Human ResourceSubstitute Support Staff Time Sheet
192District Administration OfficeDA Cert Registration Form
193Human ResourcePAYROLL – COVID-Vaccination Timesheets (SPECIAL) Form
194FinancialRequest For Service
195FinancialWarehouse Order Form
196Human ResourceAssignment Form
197Human ResourceMonthly Work Report
198Students and ParentsStudent Service Brief Services Referral Form
199Human ResourceCoach Daily Log
200Students and ParentsChange of Program Form
201Human ResourceEmployee Change in Status Form
202FinancialFBE ITI Grant Application Form
203FinancialFBE LEGP Grant Application Form
204Students and ParentsHigh School Senior Failure Form
205Facility and ServiceNetwork Account Application
206FinancialFundraiser Request Form_SCHOOLWIDE
207FinancialFundraiser Request Form_SPECIFIC SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS
208District Administration OfficeOff-Campus Trip Approval Form_IN-COUNTY DAY TRIP
209District Administration OfficeOff-Campus Trip Approval Form_OVERNIGHT or OUT-OF-COUNTY TRIP
210Health and SafetyReport of Student, Employee or Visitor Accident/Incident and Injuries Form
211Facility and ServiceRequest for Transportation Services Form
212FinancialSecurity Officer Payment Form
213FinancialActivity Fund Check Requistion Form
214FinancialCredit Card Requisition
215FinancialExtra Curricular Pay Authorization
216Students and ParentsLeaving Student Notification
217FinancialMileage Request
218Students and ParentsNew Student Notification
219GeneralRefreshment Request: Food Service Department
220Facility and ServiceTransportation: Bus Request Form
221Facility and ServiceTransportation: Car/Van/Van/Expedition Request Form
222Facility and ServiceWarco Bus Discipline Form
223Facility and ServiceProperty Transfer
224Facility and ServiceNew Asset Information
225Facility and ServiceMissing Property
226Board of DistrictSupplemental Contract Evaluation
227Human ResourcePersonnel Requisition
228FinancialPurchase Request
229Human ResourceEmployee Action Form
230Students and ParentsEnrollment Gain
231GeneralExtra Services Request
232Human ResourceVacation Request
233FinancialCollection Report
234Human ResourceApplication for Food Service Worker Form
235GeneralCori Request Form
236FinancialAuthorization to Purchase Against Open PO
237Human ResourceEmployee Absence Report II
238Human ResourcePersonnel Action Form (PAF) General Fund Only
239Human ResourcePersonnel Action Form (PAF) Categorical Fund Only
240FinancialRequest for Budget Transfer
241Human ResourcePersonnel Requisition
242Human ResourceEmployer Termination of Employment
243Human ResourcePost Vacated Position Form
244Human ResourceEmployee Request for Termination of Employment
245Human ResourceCertified Staff Extra Duty Request Form
246Human ResourceNew Position Form
247Human ResourcePAR
248Human ResourceEmployment Recommendation
249FinancialMileage Reimbursement Request
250FinancialJournal Entry Request
251FinancialBudget Transfer Request
252Human ResourceInstructional Leave/Travel Request
253FinancialServices Rendered Form
254Facility and ServiceFacility and Concessions Use Request
255FinancialPAYROLL-Substitute Pay Voucher
256Facility and ServiceField Trip Transportation Request Form
257FinancialPAYROLL-Hourly Time Sheet
258Human ResourceVACATION/OSE Leave Request Form
259Human ResourcePersonnel Action (Non-instructional)
260Human ResourcePersonnel Action (Instructional/Athletic)
261Human ResourcePersonnel Action Federal/Grants (Instructional)
262Human ResourcePersonnel Action Federal/Grants (Non-instructional)
263Human ResourceVolunteer Application
264FinancialPurchase Order
265Human ResourceRecord of Absence Form
266FinancialRequest for Inventory Item Transfer or Disposal
267FinancialPAYMENT REQUEST – Extra Earnings
268FinancialPayment Request – IEP or Instruction in the Home
269FinancialMileage Expenses Form
270Human ResourceAbsence from Duty Form
271Facility and ServiceTransportation Request Form
272Facility and ServiceMaintenance Work Order Form
273Human ResourceDiscretionary Personal Leave Request Form
274Students and ParentsStudent Trip Form
275FinancialPurchase Requisition
276Human ResourceApplication for Professional Absence
277Human ResourcePersonal Leave Affidavit
278Facility and ServiceField Trip Application
279Human ResourceWork Report
280Human ResourceJob Requisition Form
281On-Off BoardingPersonal Data Form
282On-Off BoardingCode of Conduct (BESS)
283On-Off BoardingConflict of Interest Form
284On-Off BoardingCriminal History Affidavit Form
285On-Off BoardingInternet Policy Form
286On-Off BoardingPlayground Safety Form
287On-Off BoardingSexual Harassment Form
288On-Off BoardingI-9 Form
289On-Off BoardingW-4 Form
290On-Off BoardingDirect Deposit Form
291On-Off BoardingERB Enrollment Form
292On-Off BoardingERB – Form 42
293On-Off BoardingERB – Form 42 Addendum
294On-Off BoardingNMPSIA Registration Form
295On-Off BoardingSick Leave Membership Form
296On-Off Boarding2018-2019 Payroll Schedule Form
297On-Off BoardingNEA Membership Application Form
298On-Off Boarding09.103 EPAF All Employees – Retirement/Drop Intent
299Students and ParentsChange of Program Form
301Human ResourceConference Request – Admin & Teacher
302Human ResourceStatement of Expenses for Support Staff
303Students and ParentsReferral Packet – Alternative Education Program
304Human ResourceCertification Course Registration Form
305Facility and ServiceRequest for Transportation Form
306Human ResourceBrockport Dignity Act Certification Course Registration Form
307Facility and ServiceTechnology Transfer of Asset Form
308Facility and ServiceTechnology Obsolete Asset Form
309GeneralACT 48 DATA FORM
310Students and ParentsStudent Notice of Entry
311Facility and ServiceStudent Transportation
312Students and ParentsMid-Term Report
313Facility and ServiceFacility Use Request Form
314GeneralDocument Approval/Review Form
315GeneralDocument Approval/Review Form 2
316Human ResourceEvent Planning for Attendee
317Human ResourceEvent Planning for Supplier/Logistics
318Health and SafetyMy Health History
319GeneralDocument Received Confirmation
320FinancialExpense Reimbursement Form
321FinancialExpense Request Form
322Human ResourceProcurement Request Form
323Human ResourceRequest for Quotations Form
324Human ResourceSupplier Evaluation Form
325Human ResourceContract Evaluation Form
326Human ResourcePurchase Order Form
327FinancialPayment Request Form
328Human ResourceReceive Goods or Services Form
329Human ResourceContract Accepted Form
330Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Teacher Preparation Audit
331Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Clinical Observation Notes
332Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Teaching Interview (Annotated)
333Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Teaching Interview
334Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Teacher Lesson Reflection
335Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Informal Classroom Observations
336Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Formal Classroom Observation
337Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Formal Observation Summary
338Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Evidence for Domain 4
339Human ResourceEmployeeEvaluation_Self-Assessment of Practice
340Personnel Action RequestPersonnel Action Request Position Control Form
341Personnel Action RequestPersonnel Action Request Assign Employee and Position
And a lot more…