Google Forms Comparision


SchoolStream standard plan

Google Forms standard plan

Subscription OptionsPay-as-you-goMonthly or annual subscription per user
Only pay for what you’ve usedfix cost even your usage is low
Subscription PricingFREE Unlimited Users$12 per user/month
Based on the statistics of 2023
$0.059 /Form Instance (Personal Account);
$0.089/Form Instance (Business Account);
Return on Investment (ROI)> 200%?
Labor hours + Material SavingsNot available
Value for the MoneyHighest?
Based on customer feedbackNot available
Workflow Automation
Connecting multiple workflows 
Conditional Routing 
Time-triggered temporary replacement of recipients 
Hot-swap of recipients
Can switch recipients any time, system will try to rerout forms
Process multiple forms in one workflow 
Muti-Actions at different routing levels (Approve, Deny, Send emails, etc.) 
Send status notification to additional collaborators 
Process multiple webpages
Can link to other applications
Information container (Forms, Webpages, other documents)
User design effortNo EffortSignificant Effort
Free customization if shared in CN ecosystem
Forms400+ form templatesLimited form templates
adding more every day
Common fields of all information collectors within a package
system synchronizes common fields across all forms
Form Design Tools
Image Links
Video links
Upload attachment document 
Other Form links 
Private & Public Forms 
Covert to standard government PDF forms 
Package: a collection of related forms share common data 
Customized fields positions in a Form 
Security and Information Sharing
Admin-defined roles and role authorities 
Admin-controlled collaborator’s role assignment 
Role-based access to form fields and information container 
Role-based access to all CN features 
Customize services for data visualization and reporting 
Automatic Filling
Integrated automatic filing all forms and Information Containers 
File Archiving
Available for Business Account
Ease of Maintance
Easy to reconfigure workflow and reciepients when change happens 
Filing system helps organizing and finding all processed workflows and forms 
Configurable catergorization helps organizing the workflows 
Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory 
24/7 Support 
Form and information container conversion and customization services 
Workflow design and consulting services 
Application development services 
System integration services 
File Archiving feature to store historical data for auditing