K12 Thought Leaders Announces Co-Chairs for Personalized Learning Chapter

K12 Thought Leaders is excited to announce Resume-Linda-J.-Richards and Blane’s Vita as the Co-Chairs for the Personalized Learning Chapter.


Mrs. Richards

Mrs. Richards brings over 25 years of service as a school Board Member and has also served as the President of the Nebraska Association of School Boards. Linda is the 2015 Ann Mactier School Board Member of the Year recognized for her leadership in policy and contributions to curriculum and instruction.

Blane McCann

Mrs. Richards

Dr. McCann has more than 40 years in K-12 public education as a teacher, principal, executive director, and Superintendent. He was the 2018 Nebraska Career Education and Outstanding Superintendent and wrote books and articles on the topic of leadership and Personalized Learning in Public Education.

Joe Huang, CEO of K12 Thought Leaders, says “educators have been advocating for Personalized Learning for many years. Linda Richards and Dr. Blane McCann are distinguished leaders pioneering the concept and implementation of Personalized Learning in the K-12 industry.” “Their innovative concept of creating a Digital Ecosystem for Personalized Learning” explains Mr. Huang, “is redefining how the education industry should cooperate to benefit learners, educators, and the whole community all at the same time. K12 Thought Leaders are committed to following their leadership in Personalize Learning to help fulfill the concept through our affiliate SchoolStream’s delivery platform.”

“We are excited to have both Mrs. Richards and Dr. McCann lead our Personalized Learning Chapter”, explains Alex Huang, COO of K12 Thought Leaders. “Particularly in the last year during the pandemic, we have seen school districts and educators struggle to reach/deliver effective learning experiences, and to help build self-efficacy in kids. We all believe that now is the time for change; with SchoolStream’s platform and technology, we can empower the district, educator, learner, and all members of the Personalized Learning ecosystem to reach this.”

About K12 Thought Leaders

K12 Thought Leaders are a group of leaders that have voluntarily assembled to use the latest know-how and technology to transform innovative thoughts into practical, affordable, and scalable solutions for the K-12 ecosystem.
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